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Career Opportunities

For the PhD or Post-Doctoral candidates, we will organize special meetings during the conference with the invited speakers.

If you are interested in any of the research groups mentioned below, please send your CV and cover letter (including the name of research group) to career@grapheneturkey.com by not later than 30th of September.

The  successful candidates will be informed by e-mail until 10th of October.
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact career@grapheneturkey.com

Potential Research groups

  1. Coşkun Research Group (http://alicoskun.kaist.ac.kr/)
  2. Özkan Research Group (http://www.ee.ucr.edu/~mihrilab/)
  3. Choi Research Group (http://nest.kaist.ac.kr/p/prof-choi.html)
  4. Wei Research Group (http://www.chemeng.tsinghua.edu.cn/scholars/weifei/index1.htm)
  5. Seokwoo Research Group  (http://mse.kaist.ac.kr/?mid=mse_pro_re&category=529)





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